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    首頁>產品中心>液相色譜儀配件及耗材>進樣閥 配件>3725-0183725i手動進樣閥(大容量閥)轉子密封圈 3725-018
    3725i手動進樣閥(大容量閥)轉子密封圈 3725-018


    3725i手動進樣閥(大容量閥)轉子密封圈 3725-018
    Our PEEK Rotor Seals are a polymeric disc that ensures a high pressure seal against the stator. Manufactured from biocompatible PEEK it is inert to almost all org


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    3725i手動進樣閥(大容量閥)轉子密封圈 3725-018

        The standard rotor seal in many Rheodyne? manual valves is made from a Vespel? blend. This polyimide has low wear and high chemical resistance. Vespel tolerates a pH range of 0 to 10. Solutions more basic than pH 10 dissolve Vespel which damages the rotor seal. If you use any solutions above pH 10, Rheodyne recommends a PEEK blend rotor seal.
        PEEK offers a high chemical resistance and versatility, and will tolerate the entire pH range from 0 to 14. ETFE blend rotor seals are appropriate for use in applications where PEEK is not enerally acceptable, such as when methylene chloride or DMSO in higher concentrations is being used.


    3725i手動進樣閥(大容量閥)轉子密封圈 3725-018

    Part No.For Valve Model No.Description
    7000-0167000L, 7040LVespel Rotor Seal
    7010-0397010, 7000, 7040Vespel Rotor Seal
    7030-0037030, 9030Vespel Rotor Seal
    7030-0147030LVespel Rotor Seal
    7060-0707060, 7066Vespel Rotor Seal
    7060-0647060LVespel Rotor Seal
    7125-0477125,7725,9725Vespel Rotor Seal
    7410-0387410Vespel Rotor Seal
    7413-0137413Vespel Rotor Seal
    8125-0388125Vespel Rotor Seal
    7000-0177000L,7040LETFE Rotor Seal
    7010-0717010, 7010-087, 7000, 7040ETFE Rotor Seal
    7030-0157030, 9030ETFE Rotor Seal
    7060-0747060, 7066, 9060ETFE Rotor Seal
    7060-0677060LETFE Rotor Seal
    7125-0797125, 7125-081, 7725ETFE Rotor Seal
    7410-0757410ETFE Rotor Seal
    8125-0978125ETFE Rotor Seal
    9010-0519010ETFE Rotor Seal
    9125-0829125,9725ETFE Rotor Seal
    3030-0053030,3030-038PEEK Rotor Seal
    3710-0083000, 3000-038, 3710, 3710-038PEEK Rotor Seal
    3725-0183725, 3725-038PEEK Rotor Seal
    9010-0657000, 7010, 9010PEEK Rotor Seal
    8125-1198125PEEK Rotor Seal
    9125-0957125, 7725, 9125, 9725PEEK Rotor Seal

    3725i手動進樣閥(大容量閥)轉子密封圈 3725-018





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